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How you can do Lead Generation?

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By using the internet you can do easily local and international Lead Generation. We will know some effective ways to collect leads.

Lead Generation is a creative process. There are no fixed rules and sites to collect leads. But there are some standard ways and websites to collect leads.

Google Search: The most used method to collect leads is Google search. You can find information about a person or an organization from google easily. You have to know some techniques to search properly and effectively on google. As an example, your client told you to collect leads from a USA real estate company. But you search on google by writing only “real state” then google will show results for the entire work. So you have to include the word the USA to find leads from the USA only.

Social Media: When we open social media account, we provide our personal information there. We usually hide this information so that people can’t access our information. But there are some free and paid tools that can access this information. By which we can easily collect this information for our leads generation work.

Director Websites: There is a website called “YellowPage” which provide you with a directory for a different business like Restaurants, Plumbers, Lawyers, etc. There are many websites where businesses are listed. We can collect information from such websites easily. Some popular directory websites are Airbnb, Zillow, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.

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